Everything to hand – the new cycling bags


So you’re going to go cycling. All the little things you need get thrown in your pockets.  But what about a spare tube, a tire lever or a small tool kit?  This is where our bags come in handy.

Why ours?
While designing the bags we considered what you might need while riding and how to fulfil that need. So we designed bags that allow you to put your smartphone next to the handlebar and use the sat-nav while riding. We used weatherproof fabric to make the bags.  The zips open easily even while you’re on the move. The fastenings are designed to stay in place even if you’re cycling off-road. We also remembered about the reflective bits, because the more of them you have, the safer you are on the road. We also put a lot of care into good quality finish and stylish details.

Which one to choose?
We have prepared a few models suited for different uses and with different types of fastening.  The New York and Denver models are triangular bags that you can mount under the frame, between the top tube and the seat tube. The Boston version – also triangular – is to be mounted on the front part of the frame. Totem is an under seat type of bag and is available in three different sizes, so there is room for everything you need. Togo is ideal for travellers who like to use their smartphones.  The bag is mounted on the handlebars, and the special pocket allows you to use the touch screen and protects the device from dust and water.