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Let us introduce the riders and teams we cooperate with. They are the ones who help us test and improve our products by sharing their needs and experiences with us. For years, we have been working in cooperation with professionals to make sure that Accent products will prove themselves in the fight!

Bartosz Mikler

A leading Polish cyclist of cyclocross. Multiple medalist of the Polish cyclocross championship. In the cycling community, he is known as Mr. Tiger. Colorful and crazy, he often surprises us with his ideas. He rides CX-One Carbon bikes and in summer also a Cyclone Disc road bike.

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Voster ATS Team


A professional cycling team racing on a UCI Continental Team license. Riders compete all over Europe using our cycling glasses and accessories. The team consists of eleven riders, including the current Polish champion.



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MAT ATOM Deweloper Wrocław


A professional women's cycling team, whose riders mainly compete on the road, but also in the cyclocross races during autumn and winter. The riders use our glasses and accessories. In the cyclocross season, they get on bicycles built on the CX-One Carbon frames.



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